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5 tips for Sleep Meditation

5 tips for Sleep Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to ease your body into night mode. Snoozy presents the best ways to meditate.

1. Breathing naturally

The first step of meditating is getting familiar with your breathing. Getting familiar with your breath means focus on breathing naturally. The goal is to not think about how your breathing, rather focus on your body’s natural way of breathing.

2. Same time, same place

With meditation, consistency is key. Meditating at night is a great way to have your body ease into sleep mode. Picking a place that will help you relax will help you to succeed in your meditation journey. This place might be your bedroom, but it does not have to be. Pick a place that is already a safe haven for you and start meditating there.

3. Creating a safe place

The best way to make sure you are fully relaxed is to turn off any distractions that would ruin your meditation focus. Put away your laptops and turn off your phone and TV. The only thing that should be in the room is you and your guided meditation instructor of choice.

4. Guided sleep meditation

You have to ease your body and mind into the art of meditating. If you are new to meditating, we suggest that you follow a guided meditation. There are a bunch of free youtube and podcasts on the internet, and there are also some apps that offer free meditating programs.

5. Find the position that is right for you

It is tempting to lay down while meditating, but in order to bring your mind into full relaxation, we suggest sitting up in your bed or on a pillow. Since meditation is uncomfortable in the beginning, finding the right position will go a long way.

Pairing meditation with Snoozy gummies will absolutely bring your body into sleep mode. Meditation has amazing long-term benefits, it is not just a sleeping tool. Meditating will help you focus.

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