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Delta 9 THC Versus Melatonin for Sleep - Which Is Better?

Delta 9 THC Versus Melatonin for Sleep - Which Is Better?

Delta 9 THC Versus Melatonin for Sleep - Which Is Better? 

Sleep troubles? You may find yourself reaching for Delta 9 THC or melatonin supplements. But which one is better? Delta 9 THC gets the edge in our books, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Keep reading to learn about the sleep science behind Delta 9 THC and melatonin.

Staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning, checking the time—no one enjoys feeling restless in bed. If sleep issues have been disrupting your life, you may be wondering: how can I get a good night’s sleep? Well, if you’ve found your way to this article, you are likely curious about Delta 9 THC gummies for sleep. How do they compare to melatonin supplements? And what are the respective strengths and weaknesses of Delta 9 THC and melatonin when it comes to sleep?

This article will answer all these questions and more, so read on!

Delta 9 Versus Melatonin

First, let’s break down what these two substances are. If you’re already an expert on these two common sleep aids, feel free to skip to the next section!

What Is Delta 9 THC?

You may have heard of THC before, which is the most well-known active compound in cannabis. Why’s that? Because Delta 9 THC (aka Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is largely responsible for the “high” produced by cannabis consumption.

There are an array of other cannabinoid (“CBD”) compounds in cannabis, but Delta 9 THC may be one of the more beneficial compounds when it comes to sleep benefits.  (We’ll get into that more below.)

But isn’t Delta 9 THC illegal on a federal level? In fact, it’s a little bit complicated, but don’t worry—we’ll make it as simple as possible.

Under archaic and frankly unscientific reasoning, Delta 9 THC is classified as a Schedule I substance by the federal government, which means that it supposedly possesses no benefit whatsoever. (But, as millions of Americans in states with recreational or medical cannabis laws know, Delta 9 THC and other cannabis compounds can be incredibly therapeutic.)

Now, however, thanks to the “Farm Bill” of 2018 (i.e. the Agricultural Improvement Act), anyone in the United States is allowed to possess and consume products containing Delta 9 THC derived from hemp, so long as there is less than 0.3% on a dry weight basis. So, when you see Delta 9 gummies for sale online, at least from a reputable seller, they will contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight.

What Is Melatonin?

The human body already possesses cannabinoid receptors, and something similar is true for melatonin, as the we produce this hormone on a daily basis. It works to sync us up with natural day-night cycles (“circadian rhythms”) and helps bring on fatigue and sleepiness.

As such, melatonin has unsurprisingly become a popular supplement for sleep, as it induces drowsiness relatively quickly and may help some people stay asleep throughout the night. In particular, melatonin may benefit jet lag, as quickly shifting time zones disrupts your circadian rhythms, meaning you produce melatonin at times that are now not in sync with your new time zone.

Who Wins for Sleep Benefits? Delta 9 THC or Melatonin?

You now know the basics about Delta 9 THC and melatonin. But how do they stack up when it comes to sleep benefits? Are Delta 9 THC gummies better for sleep, or are melatonin supplements? 

The answer may be highly particular to you as an individual, but read on to learn more about general sleep aid characteristics of these two popular sleep supplements.

Delta 9 THC gummies for sleep. Snoozy sleep gummies.

Delta 9 THC for Sleep

On an anecdotal level, people have long enjoyed the benefits of a little bit of cannabis at night before bed as a way to promote deeper, more restful sleep. More recently, studies have begun to show that nightly administration of a cannabis supplement containing Delta 9 THC and cannabinoids (CNB and CBD) was “well tolerated and improve[d] insomnia symptoms and sleep quality in individuals with chronic insomnia symptoms.”

In general, low dosages of Delta 9 THC promote sleep. High dosages, however, may lead to restlessness and negative side effects. If you choose to supplement with Delta 9 THC for sleep, it’s advisable to take a specially formulated product, like Snoozy’s Delta 9 THC gummies, which abide by the federally mandated amount of Delta 9 THC (less than 0.3% by dry weight).

Melatonin for Sleep

Since melatonin helps promote sleepiness, it’s become a popular sleep aid. There are also many studies on it, showing that it can help regulate circadian rhythms and “induce fatigue [and] sleepiness.”

While this is well and good, some people find that using melatonin leads to grogginess in the morning, and no one enjoys feeling like a zombie when they wake up! There are also some general risks to keep in mind with melatonin, including interactions with other medications (especially blood thinners or epilepsy medications) and its usage by older people as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Who Wins between Delta 9 THC and Melatonin?

A 2017 study suggests that Delta 9 THC increases melatonin production. This would mean that Delta 9 THC supplements, such as convenient gummy edibles, work to boost your natural melatonin production while also delivering the considerable sleep aid benefits of Delta 9 THC.

If you’re worried about using both Delta 9 THC and melatonin, you can relax as you don’t risk any dramatically negative side effects from the interaction of these two popular sleep aids. That said, you should proceed with a low dosage of both and slowly increase it from there, while being sure to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery.

Since Delta 9 THC boosts melatonin, though, you can probably skip the melatonin supplements and reap the benefits of both THC 9 and increased melatonin production. And, since people often report grogginess from melatonin supplements, but less so from Delta 9 THC gummies designed for sleep, then the melatonin supplements become less appealing by comparison.

Wrapping Up

Whether you prefer Delta 9 THC gummies for sleep or melatonin may depend on a variety of factors unique to you. You might like to experiment with both to see which works better for you. Although the science of cannabis is only now catching up with the times due to the lost years of the War on Drugs, some studies are beginning to show that Delta 9 THC can be an excellent sleep aid. So, if you find your self tossing and turning night after night, you might discover great benefits to introducing Delta 9 THC gummies for sleep into your nightly routine.


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