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CBN vs Melatonin

CBN vs Melatonin

In the world of natural remedies, two popular sleep aids are gaining traction - cannabinol (CBN) and melatonin. While both have been shown to improve sleep, many ask which one is better for helping people find a good night’s rest? In this article we will compare the two and explain their respective benefits so that you can make an informed decision regarding which one is best for your individual situation.

What is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN) is an active ingredient in cannabis sativa plants that has recently caught attention as a potential sleep aid. It works by binding to the same receptors in our brain as THC, however it does not have the same psychoactive properties associated with marijuana. CBN is a phytocannabinoid created from THC when it oxidizes. This means that it does not have any psychoactive effects like THC does meaning- you won’t get high off of it! Instead, CBN has been linked to reducing inflammation and promoting relaxation. Recent studies have shown that when taken in the evening it can improve sleep quality and duration.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural hormone that our body produces when darkness falls so we can prepare for restful sleep. It works by mimicking the effects of darkness, 

and helps regulate our circadian rhythm or internal clock. Allowing us to naturally wind down and get ready for bed without chemical interventions. While melatonin supplements are available over-the-counter, they are generally used to reset your body’s circadian rhythm if you have jet lag or an irregular schedule due to shift work.

What are the benefits of CBN?

CBN has been linked to reducing inflammation and promoting relaxation. This is beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain or other ailments that cause difficulty sleeping, as it can help reduce the severity of their symptoms. 

Additionally, studies have shown that taking CBN just before bedtime increases sleep quality and duration. It has also been shown to improve anxiety levels, which can be helpful for those dealing with stress-related insomnia.

What are the benefits of Melatonin?

Like CBN, melatonin works by helping your body relax and preparing it for restful sleep. Unlike CBN however, melatonin does not reduce inflammation in the body or provide relief from pain associated with certain conditions. Instead, it helps to naturally reset your circadian rhythm so you can fall asleep and stay asleep more easily. Also, since melatonin is a natural hormone our bodies produce, it has fewer potential side effects than taking other sleep aids.

Which Is Better? 

When it comes to improving your sleep, CBN and melatonin are two popular natural supplements that can help. But which one is better? Let’s examine the differences between CBN and melatonin in order to determine which is best for you.

When it comes to effectiveness, both CBN and melatonin can help you get a better night’s rest. However, they work in slightly different ways so it’s important to understand how each one works to determine which one might be right for you. CBN has been shown to induce more of a sedative effect by binding to certain receptors in the brain like THC does. This helps calm your body and mind into a relaxed state that is conducive for restful sleep.  Melatonin, on the other hand, works by helping reset your internal clock so that your body knows when it's time for bed based on when you take it.

CBN is considered to be more effective than melatonin in terms of how much sleep you can get. Studies have shown that taking CBN before bed can lead to deeper, more restful sleep and less nighttime awakenings. Melatonin, on the other hand, may help reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep but does not appear to improve your overall quality of sleep. 

Ultimately, the decision of which one to take comes down to personal preference and individual circumstances. Both CBN and melatonin can be effective sleep aids when used correctly. Some may find that CBN works better for them as it can reduce inflammation and provide pain relief in addition to promoting relaxation. Others may find that melatonin works best for their situation as it does not have any psychoactive properties and helps reset their body’s internal clock more effectively. Ultimately, we recommend trying both products in order to determine which one fits your needs and lifestyle the best. Good luck with finding the perfect sleep aid for you!

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