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CBN Dosage for Sleep

CBN Dosage for Sleep

If you have ever had insomnia, sleep disorders, or just poor quality sleep, you know how detrimental this can be to your daily life and overall health. Lack of sleep leads to many other health complications, and quality sleep is one of the most basic things our bodies need, like food and water.

The proper amount of sleep is critical to function well at work or school; lack of sleep can affect our work performance and negatively affect our relationships with friends and family. Thanks to new and emerging research on cannabinoids, we are learning more about CBN as a powerful tool for addressing sleep issues.

What Is CBN?

The substance we refer to as CBN is also known by its scientific name, cannabinol. It is just one of many cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants.

When THC is exposed to light, heat, and oxygen, it ultimately breaks down into other compounds, which is how we get CBN. CBN is found in very small amounts in the cannabis plant, which is why we have seen less research devoted to it than the more well-known CBD (cannabidiol).

CBN is less potent than THC and, importantly, does not share THC’s psychoactive properties. What CBN does share with the other cannabinoids is its ability to work with the receptors in our bodies’ endocannabinoid systems to create a sense of calm, one that contributes to an enhanced ability to relax and rest.

Like CBD, CBN is now becoming an increasingly popular option as a sleep aid. As we learn more about its therapeutic benefits, you can expect to see more CBN products on the market in the coming years.

What Is the Right Amount of CBN to Take for Sleep?

Because our bodies react differently to certain substances, there is no one size fits all answer here. However, there are some important guidelines to follow.

First and foremost, your physician is your best resource for guidance when using sleep aids. Your specific health history, your medications, and other factors play a role in determining how you might react to a sleep aid. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor when trying new health supplements.

The commonly recommended dosage of CBN is between 5 and 10 mg per day. Most people will experience the benefits of CBN at this dosage.

CBN’s Therapeutic Effects 

When it comes to understanding the way cannabinoids stimulate healthy reactions in our bodies, we may have only just begun to scratch the surface.

CBN is seeing more widespread use in sleep aids as it is known for helping people not only fall asleep faster but also stay asleep for longer periods, which is welcome news for those who toss and turn or frequently wake throughout the night.

In addition to how CBN enhances sleep, it may also be used in cases of pain or inflammation in the body. CBN is thought to reduce the swelling associated with various injuries, and early evidence indicates its effectiveness in preventing convulsions.

CBN may be effective in patients who suffer from anxiety; by reducing anxiety, CBN also contributes to better sleep quality.

How Quickly Will I Fall Asleep Using CBN?

Just as there is no exact answer when it comes to the correct CBN dosage for sleep, there is no exact answer to the question, “how quickly will I fall asleep using CBN?”

The time it takes for a restful slumber to kick in will vary from person to person, based on many factors, from other medications to weight to the sleeping environment. In general, you can expect the effects of CBN to start within an hour of taking it.

CBN dosage for sleep

When using CBN as a sleep aid, especially for the first time, be sure you are ready for bed and not planning to participate in other activities, especially driving. Because new users are unaware of how they will be affected, they should use extreme caution. In some cases, it may take more than an hour for the effects of CBN to work, but you should still plan to limit your activity.

Are There Any Side Effects When Using CBN as a Sleep Aid?

CBN is generally considered a safe, effective, and natural sleep aid. Some users may experience mild side effects, such as fatigue or nausea. It is best to start with the lowest recommended dosage until you see how your body tolerates CBN.

Most users experience minimal to no side effects. If you are taking medications—prescription or otherwise—to treat other health concerns, you should always speak with your primary healthcare provider about how any sleep aids or other supplements might react with those medications.

Additionally, if you experience any worrisome side effects, contact your doctor immediately. Most people tolerate CBN well and find it a safe, all-natural way to improve sleep quality and duration.

Final Thoughts on CBN Dosage for Sleep

Getting the right CBN dosage for sleep is not a “one size fits all” method. You should discuss the use of sleep aids with your doctor and also pay close attention to the manufacturer’s suggested dosage, which will typically be between 5 and 10 mg per day.

When trying a new supplement or medication, it is always wise to start with a smaller dose and then work your way up to the desired effects rather than starting with too much and potentially dealing with unwanted side effects. 

Bear in mind that CBN does not have psychoactive properties, so you will not experience an unwanted “high.” It may be just the right tool to achieve the kind of rest your body needs!

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