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5 Tips for Better Sleep

5 Tips for Better Sleep

Deeper sleep means better sleep. Snoozy presents you 5 holistic ways to bring you into deeper sleep every night. We especially love tip #5!

1. Exercise daily

When we work out, our brain releases endorphins. Working out in the late afternoon will not only help you relieve stress from your bodies, but it gives your body  time for the endorphins to wind down.

Vigorous exercise is encouraged, but light activity is better than no activity if you are having issues with sleep. Exercise is best in the afternoon, not too close to bedtime.

2. Watch your eating habits leading up to bedtime:

Going to bed too hungry or too full might be affecting your sleep throughout the night. Bedtime after not eating a meal or eating too much, might cause discomfort throughout the night. Eating heavy or spicy meals right before bed might also cause acid reflux, which will cause great discomfort throughout the night. Try eating meals 2-3 hours before bed and If you are still hungry before bed, enjoy a light snack no later than 45 minutes before bed.

One should be wary of nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol before bed as well. As we all know, the stimulating effects of nicotine and caffeine can take hours to wear off. Even though alcohol is known to make people feel tired, it can affect your sleep later in the night.


3. Winding down the mind:

Having a bedtime routine consisting of winding down electronics will be super beneficial to achieving a deeper sleep. Our bodies need time to process the shift into sleep mode. Laying in bed reading, writing, or meditating are great ways to help your body shift into sleep mode. Take the 30-60 minutes before sleep to turn off the TV, put your phone and laptop away and just relax.


4. Stress management:

Managing worries will help with falling asleep and allowing our bodies to put the day aside. Writing down any to-dos for tomorrow will help your body unwind from the day and release the responsibilities of tomorrow.

Another good way to manage stress before bed is meditating- check out our Sleep Meditation 101 blog post.


5. Take a Snoozy Sleep Gummy:

Snoozy Gummies help the body to shift into sleep mode naturally while promoting deeper sleep. Deeper sleep means better quality sleep. Snoozy gummies have 2.5mg of melatonin 10mg of CBD, 2.5mg of CBN and 50mg of l-theanine which combined allow the body to peacefully drift into a deep sleep.

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